GOVAC works at Bus accident.
On 1/16/06 GOVAC responded to a
reported MVA involving a fully load
school bus. This is becoming a too
common call for us at GOVAC. Some
corps go years without a bus call,
GOVAC has had more than a few
over the last few months.
We are happy to report, no injuries at
this accident. The area was very icy so
rescuers had to be careful too.
Yes another bus accident. This
happened on June 6,2006 on
North Church St. There were
no injuries on this bus or the
car involved.  
FD advises our EMTs of the
nature of injuries & the
Structure fire stand by.
2 firefighters we taken
to the local ER as a
precaution. Both treated
& released. The house
was a loss
GOVAC Crew was Guesppie,