We were stage with some folks from St. Regis Falls NY which is about 20
minutes from the Canadian border.
To be let into the "red zone" you had to wear military issued ID at all times.
Once at the medical tent we had to wear boots at all times. If you left the tent
you had wear masks & helmets.
Please don't mistake our smiles for disrespect. We understood the importance
of what we were doing and why we were there.  We were honored to do our part.
There were so many people there doing everything possible to make sure that
those lost came home.
To all who donated water, food, clothing , personal items or anything else,
we want you to know that
EVERYONE appreciated your donations. There were
thousands of support agencies that were able to put your donations to good use.

There were lots of stories there. Some you've heard. Some you never will. Like the
Louisiana crew that made Jambalaya everynight for those who wanted it. The fast
food company's that made sure everyone was feed. Domino Pizza delivered pizza to
us while on site. Did you know that McDonald's has a disaster truck? They do!
Outback Steakhouse set up a tent & feed all the workers ANYTHING they wanted
WHENEVER they wanted it.
We saw the actor Tim Robbins serving us food the night we were there.
Bill saw bit of humor here. All these firefighters
standing with their hands on their hips. We
understand Carhart donated the overalls to the